Winter is here for Boston and it is the season to spend inside away from the cold and snow! Basco Security has put together a list of systems to check so your family and home is safe and secure this winter.

  • Carbon Monoxide Detector—this deadly gas cannot be seen or detected without a properly working detector. Carbon Monoxide is responsible for taking the lives of 1,000 people each year in the US.
  • Fire places—Nothing heats up a room like a blazing fire.  Practice good safety around your fire places.  No gasoline or charcoal indoors.
  • Space heater—Space heaters are perfect for small areas and certain rooms, be sure the heater is 3 feet away from flammable materials.  Never leave a space heater on if you leave your home! Dozens of house fires are caused by space heaters every winter.
  • Furnace—Change your filters and perform an annual maintenance on this vital winter system.
  • Frozen Pipes can cause a mess in your home requiring renovations and lots of money! Keep temperature of your home no less than 55 degrees and for pipes that are poorly insulated like underneath your sinks, open your cabinets to allow warm air in!
  • Power Outages—Last winter hundred of families on the South Shore were without power for over a week because of Nemo! Be prepared with all the supplies, batteries, water, candles and food!
  • Going away from the home—Usually winter is the ideal time to get away from the cold and find a warm beach! Lock up properly and make sure all your valuables are not in plan sight.
  • Leave your homes temperature at 55 degrees, no lower, and open cabinet doors to let warm air in on the pipes so you don’t come back to frozen pipes and damage.
  • Have a trusted neighbor or relative visit your home while you are gone to check that your winter systems are working properly and no damage has occurred.