Though the most common and easiest way to enter a home is through the front door, nearly 2 out of 10 burglars enter through a window. Unlike doors, windows are much easier to break into as they are usually protected by a simple lock and glass that can be easily shattered. Below are some basic tips on how you can keep your home protected.

Window Sensors

Window sensors offer a number of benefits such as a rapid response to a breach of security. A window sensor works with two fairly simply parts, a magnet and a sensor. When the sensor is disconnected from the magnet the window sensor will send a signal to your home security system which will set off an alarm scaring off a potential burglar.

Window Bars

Though Window Bars might not be the most aesthetically pleasing addition to your home, they make it very difficult for a burglar to access your home through a window. A Burglar may be able to break the glass easily but they will not be able to enter through the window unless they want to climb through sharp glass. Window Bars may also deter potential burglars as they are not very easy and efficient to break into.

Invest in Alarm Screens

Alarm screens are standard mesh screens that are custom installed with interwoven detection wires built into the screen. These screens are also extremely easy to integrate with your current security system and can prevent a burglary from occurring before the intruder has a chance to enter your home. For more information, click here.

With these simple tips provided by Basco Security you and your home can be that much more secure from a potential unwarranted situation.