Considering in getting a home security system? In a FBI statistics document dated 2012, there were over 2.1 million burglaries reported and 6.1 theft cases reported in the United States alone. If you consider burglaries and robberies that were unreported this figure is likely to be higher. Burglaries and robberies can occur at any point in the day. It is always good to stay on top of the situation and protect your home 24/7.

A few things home security systems should have:

Camera systems are being commonly installed in homes and commercial properties, Basco Security Inc. has trained technicians to help you choose what type of camera system would be best. We offer different choices in camera products to meet your needs and budget.

Alarm screens can detect an intruder at the first point of entry.  Alarm screens can be made out of your existing screen frames.  The alarm mesh material runs through the screen and can trigger the alarm system in an event of tampering or cutting of the screen. It also has a magnet switch between the edge of mesh screen and window frame to protect against removal of the screen.

Basco Security, Inc provides home security systems to families of Eastern Massachusetts since 1960.

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