Unfortunately, break-ins happen and few people know what to do when they find their home had been invaded. In these hard times a little understanding of the next steps can go a long way!

Before you touch anything or start cleaning up any damage, call your local police and inform them of the intrusion. The criminals could have left evidence behind that you might not even notice. Take note of anything missing, moved or broken where they entered from etc. If you are fortunate enough to see the criminal tell law enforcement anything that you may remember of their physical features. Find out where they got into your home, a broken lock, window, poor security system or anything that can help local law enforcement!

After you have called the police and the police report is completed call your insurance company. The report will be the official record so your insurance company can come up with the value of the stolen items.

Time to find out where you could have maybe done more and now can prevent this from happen again. Call Basco Security on Pembroke MA to assess what went wrong. Basco Security has the most up to date home security systems including IP cameras, alarm screens, fire alarms, intrusion alarm systems, and monitoring.

A break in is not a small situation to deal with, unfortunately it happens often but can be prevented! Basco Security can calculate an estimate for your home and help your family stay safe!