If you are out of room in your home, you may construct a garden shed to store your tools for landscaping and fixing things around your home, keeping them close to reach in an emergency situation. Shed security may take a backseat during the winter months, since footsteps would be clearly visible in the snow. However, with spring finally here, it’s important to make sure your shed is properly secured in order to protect your home and belongings from potential intruders.

Check for Structural Problems

Examine your roof and siding for any weakness. If your shed is beginning to rot away or the roof is particularly flimsy, a thief will easily be able to kick their way in and access your tools, potentially using them to break into your home. Patch any holes in the walls and doors to reinforce the materials. If the shed has rot beyond repair, consider replacing them with stronger, sturdy materials.

Update the Hardware

Have you checked on your locks and hinges since installing the shed? With the Massachusetts weather, the metal could very well have been weakened or developed rust over the years. Replacing the locks with heavy-duty, weather-resistant padlocks will prevent break-ins. If you are really trying to throw intruders off, consider investing in an electronic lock with an easily changeable entry code. For extra protection, add weather-resistant hinges and bolts to the door to protect it from rain, snow and extreme temperatures.

Install Motion Lighting & Camera Systems

For an added layer of protection, install motion lights that turn on when there is movement and activity around your yard. Keep shrubs and bushes low enough that a thief won’t be able to hide until you return indoors. Wireless cameras can be installed strategically around your home so you have a full view of anything taking place in your yard, including near your shed. If a break-in does occur, you will be able to turn the footage over to the authorities so it is easier to catch the burglar and recover your belongings.

Camera & Alarm Installations in South Shore & Cape Cod, MA

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