Understanding Fire Alarm Codes and Regulations: What Every Business And Home Owner Needs to Know

Whether you own a home, business, or property, having a fire alarm system that works well and is up to industry code and regulation is critical to ensuring the safety and well-being of your family, friends, tenants, etc. However, many components go into a fire alarm system, which is confusing for those who are new to owning or renting a property. To help you understand a fire alarm’s significant components and regulations, the industry experts at Basco Security have compiled a complete beginner’s guide to fire alarm safety.


The Guide To Fire Alarms:


Know Your Spaces Requirements

When installing a fire alarm, you need to take into account the specific requirements for your type of building or home. This includes the size, occupancy type, and any high-risk potential areas for fires. Understanding the big three is essential to finding the system that is appropriately sized for your needs.


You Need To Inspect and Test Regularly

One of the regulations that goes with a fire alarm is testing and inspecting the system regularly. Doing so will ensure that the system is functioning to the best of its ability, detecting and alerting you of a fire immediately. This includes checking the control panel, alarm sensors, wiring, batteries, and the system’s overall functionality.


Make Sure Your System Is In Compliance with Safety Standards

Another critical component of fire alarm system safety is ensuring your system complies with the guidelines established by the National Fire Protection Association. Ensuring this compliance will guarantee that your system meets the requirements to accurately detect a fire and provide you with notifications necessary to evacuate.


Do I Need Professional Help With My Fire Alarm System?

If you need clarification, questions, or need a new fire alarm system, be safe rather than sorry and contact a professional immediately. When installed correctly, these alarm systems are critical to a safe and happy property. If you are in Massachusetts, contact Basco Security for all your fire alarm installation needs! At Basco Security, our industry professionals have the tools, equipment, and knowledge to design, install, inspect, and formulate a fire detection system perfect for protecting your property.


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