How To Clean Your Security System

Winter is almost behind us in New England. We are almost to the point of kissing the cold weather and flu illnesses goodbye for good. This means it is time to finally clean, disinfect, and protect our homes and security systems for the warmer spring weather! If you are still stuck inside due to the cold, there is no better time to make your home into a safe space this March! To help you spring clean your home and security system, improve safety, and enjoy the warm weather ahead, the team at Basco Security has formulated our top tips to help you prepare your home security system for the spring.


How To Clean Your Home Security System This Spring

Sanitize All Surfaces And Equipment

Most items that sit out over long periods collect dust, germs, and other unwanted particles, so it is essential to disinfect and sanitize your home security system thoroughly. Whether you touch it every day, utilize a motion sensor, or use it occasionally, it is vital to properly sanitize it, especially if you are feeling under the weather.

Remove Dust From The Panel

Dust and debris can negatively affect your home or property’s security system as the amount of materials can interfere with how the device works over time. Too much first and dust can cause your system to malfunction. If it has been a while since you cleaned out your panel, spring is a great time to do so!

Test Your System

If your home currently has a professionally monitored security system, you will want to act on testing your system as a part of your spring cleaning chores. Once you get it tested this spring, set up a regularly scheduled test to ensure the system communicates properly with the monitoring center. It is best practice to test every month, ensuring that you’re taking maximum precautions for safety.

Ensure You Have Safety Notifications On

Along with testing your system, you must ensure safety notifications are turned on. Doing so can give you the ultimate assurance that your home is safe, as you will receive alerts and notifications as soon as your system knows.


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