Top Tips to Ensure a Safe & Secure 4th of July

For most Americans, the 4th of July weekend is a coveted long weekend filled with grilling, family, friends, good eats and drinks, and time spent outside, and you can’t forget those fireworks! Independence Day, no matter where you reside, is a joyful day meant to celebrate and honor. However, with time spent away from your home and firework shows on the constant, some serious injuries and emergencies may arise from this special weekend. That is why the home security and industry experts here at Basco Security have compiled a list of our top tips to ensure you a safe and secure July 4th and summer weekends.


How To Stay Safe On July 4th:


Install A Home Security System

Fourth of July and summer parties are notoriously known for being outside in the beautiful fresh summer air. However, this means people will be entering and exiting your house periodically throughout the day and evening. It is crucial that you keep your front door locked and take note of who is entering your home. If you plan on leaving your home to attend festivities elsewhere, install and arm a home security system. This will keep your home protected and keep you feeling safe. If you are in Massachusetts and looking for security system installation services, look no further! Basco Security has fully trained technicians for camera installations and surveillance. No matter what you need in terms of video surveillance, we offer discreet, stylish, and visually pleasing high-quality cameras that will make your home feel and look safe for the 4th and every other day in between.


Check Your Grill

Summer is a great time for grilling; enjoying your favorite hamburger on the grill is a true treat. However, you must check the grill before you ignite it, especially if it has been dormant for many months. Things to look out for include hose cracks, leaks, and holes.


Handle Fireworks With Care

Fireworks are a large component of summer, but they are also incredibly dangerous. When using or lighting fireworks, please follow all safety precautions to ensure you and the people around you are safe. This includes wearing proper protective gear and eyewear, not holding them in your hand, lighting them in a secure location, and being far away from them.


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