Unfortunately, property break-ins are extremely common, in the United States a break-in occurs every 26 seconds, many of them occurring in residential neighborhoods. Thankfully there are a few quick and easy ways that you can take to make your home look and feel safer.


5 Security Tips For Your Home and Business 


Lock the Windows and Doors

This may seem like a given but the first step to a safe home is locking your windows and doors. Many property break-ins occur because of unlocked doors and windows as they are an easy entrance and exit into your home or business. While your neighborhood may always feel and seem safe it is best to take the extra precaution as you never know what could happen.


Install A Security System

Homes and businesses that are equipped with security systems are proven to be beneficial in preventing break-ins. High-quality security systems are being installed more and more in residential and commercial properties to prevent unwanted guests. If you are looking for security system installation services, look no further! Basco Security has fully trained technicians for camera installations and surveillance. No matter what you need in video surveillance, we offer discreet, stylish, and aesthetically pleasing high-quality cameras that are sure to make your home and business look and feel safe!


Reinforce Any Sliding Doors

Sliding door locks are easy to pick and easy to push open. If you are looking to reinforce your sliding door, lay a piece of wood in the track of the door, you may also use a broom, bar, or anything that fits in the area.


Install a Deadbolt and a Protector

Unfortunately, most home intruders are skilled in picking locks, including deadbolts. To reinforce your front door, install a deadbolt but also a deadbolt protector. You can find these at hardware stores as well as online.


Put Spare Keys In A Locked Box

When thinking about where to put your spare key, ditch the idea of putting it in your mailbox or underneath a doormat. These are both easy and obvious hiding spots that are proven to trick nobody. Instead, put the key in a lockbox. This will ensure that no one else will access the key unless they have a code.


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