Your home is a safe space; where you keep your belongings and live your life. You want to keep your belongings and loved ones safe and protected. That’s why you should do periodic checks to make sure your home is secure and safe from potential break-ins.

Start with the exterior

Stand back in your front yard, close to the street. Take note of potential weaknesses from the view. Does your home look lived-in or like it’s unoccupied? Are your trees, shrubs or hedges obscuring any windows or entryways? Oversized greenery can provide a stealthy place for potential intruders to hide out, waiting for an opportunity to enter the home. Trim and prune oversized branches in order to maintain clear pathways and windows. You should also consider installing motion-activated floodlights around your home, which will be able to unveil unwanted visitors in your yard.

Check your doors and windows

Your doors and windows are the first line of defense against the elements and intruders. Doors can be made from a variety of materials of varying strength, from steel and solid wood to reinforced fiberglass. Depending on the material, a potential intruder may be able to see inside and detect the type of lock used to secure the door. Make sure your doors are made of the strongest materials available and each entryway is well-lit to deter burglars. Windows should be made from reinforced, tempered glass for added strength. If your locks are older, contact a locksmith to install Grade 1 or 2 locks and deadbolts on each entry door in your home. Disable automatic garage door openers when you are leaving your home for an extended period of time, and make sure you keep doors and windows locked, even when you are home.

Secure tools and valuable items

If you have a shed in your yard, make sure the door is locked and secured so an outsider cannot get in. Sheds are commonly filled with tools that can be used to break down doors and windows for easier entry. Bolt locks are easily purchased at local hardware and big-box stores. You should also make sure valuables are not left in plain sight of your window. Retrieve packages as quickly as possible to avoid theft and break-ins. Avoid displaying expensive jewelry and concealing valuables in safes or deposit boxes in your bank. Make sure the most expensive items are covered by your insurance.

Home Security Installations in Pembroke, MA

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