With summer in full swing, kids are enjoying their time away from school before September rolls around again. Though summer is a time for your kids to have fun and enjoy the weather, it is imperative you provide them with advice on how to remain safe this summer.

Before you let your child adventure, you should sit down and explain some important safety tips to ensure they are well prepared for unwanted circumstances.

Awareness of Surroundings

Common play areas such as a playground or field can hide safety hazards from plain view. It is important to explain to your child the importance of examining their surrounding before playing.

Establish Boundaries for Play

Depending on the age of your child, it is important to make decisions that are best for the circumstance at hand. For younger children, you should try to keep their playtime in the front or backyard and be watching over them consistently. You should explain to them that they are not to go on or near the road even if their toy has somehow managed to find its place on the road.

Always Have a Buddy

Explaining the importance of not wondering off alone should be explained to your children on more than one occasion. Younger children should always be in range of supervision and older children should remain in a group with multiple friends.

Avoid Strangers

This is the golden rule for children and you should emphasize this to them. Explain that despite how nice the stranger may seem, strangers usually cannot be trusted. If they are faced with an encounter with a stranger it is important they run away and head inside.

Never Eat or Drink Anything Found Outside

Children, especially younger ones, pose a higher chance of consuming items that are found outside such as old food, berries, plants, and drinks. Explain to your children that they should never consume any item they find outside especially in public areas like a park or zoo.