It’s finally summer! That means a time to get outdoors and enjoy the 3-4 months of sunshine and beautiful weather. If you plan on being away from your house for a weekend or a couple of weeks, make sure your home is prepared for any unwanted circumstances.

Basco Security Inc. has a provided a short but effective list to help boast your home security and keep you the home owner as protected as possible.

  • Make your house appear to be lived in. Homes that are empty are much more susceptible to a potential burglary or break-in. Having certain lights or televisions connected to an automatic timer may provide the illusion that someone is home deterring a possible burglary. Furthermore, keep certain curtains around your house open and visible. Though this may seem contradictory, nothing says “I’m not home” louder then when every single curtain is closed.
  • Tell a close friend or neighbor how long you will be gone. Telling someone you trust such as a good friend or neighbor is a good way to keep another eye on your home. You could ask them to park near your house or collect your mail from the mail man. If something seems suspicious they can help report a possible break in and save your precious valuables.
  • Limit advertising your travel plans to the public. This includes posting how long you are going to be away on social media. You never know who will be reading your status or tweet, so it is important to bear that in mind before advertising “I’m going to Europe for two weeks with all my roommates!”
  • Make sure all windows and doors a locked and secured. A simple and effective way to prevent a possible problem while you are away. It never hurts to double check.

Summer is a time of fun and by taking the small preventative steps listed above it will give you, the owner, a positive peace of mind that your home is safe and well protected even when you can’t be there.