Prepare Yourself for Winter’s Dangers:

Carbon Monoxide (CO) can quickly fill up a room and harm those who inhale it. CO deaths occur more often in the winter than in any other season. Common causes of CO poisoning include obstructed chimneys or flues, improperly vented gas or wood burning fireplaces, malfunctioning clothes dryers, water heaters boilers or furnaces.

Test your outdoor motion sensors and perimeter security lighting on a regular basis. Severe weather often damages or destroys outdoor equipment when you least expect it.

Space heaters, electric blankets and outdoor lighting decorations pose high fire risks during winter. Take the time to double check these fire hazards. Test your smoke detectors to prevent a small accident from becoming a large tragedy.

Nothing provokes a robber more than the sight of a new TV, IPod or gaming system box placed on the curb. Trash your empty boxed properly so you don’t leave yourself vulnerable to a home invasion. When a thief sees that you home is a profitable hit, they are most likely to strike.

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