Winter is finally over and after this past year, we’re all clamoring to get some much-needed outdoor time. But warmer weather and nice spring breezes invite more than just your friends and neighbors back outdoors.  Nice weather often brings an increase in burglaries and home break-ins.  Here are some tips that may help your home avoid becoming a target.

Fix up your yard

Mowing the lawn, picking up winter debris, and doing some gardening can do more than just boost the appearance of your home after the long winter; it makes your home look active and occupied.  The more active and busier a household seems, the less attractive it appears to the burglar.  It means people are definitely there, so why risk it?

Use outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting can be a great security measure because no intruder wants to be seen breaking into a home or building. Floodlights around yards and driveways, porch lights, and even decorative lights provide extra illumination around break-in points.  Motion detector lights are even better in that they will suddenly highlight any activity in their range.  Spring is a good time to check and make sure that all lights are working and to replace any that are not.

Lock those windows

It may be tempting to leave windows open once the warmer weather arrives even if to just “air out” the house, but its not really the best idea.  Make sure to close and lock all windows if you go out or away and also to close and lock them when you go to bed at night.  An open window can act as an invitation to a burglar.

Be prepared if taking a trip

Of course, the best time to break into any home is when it is unoccupied, but there are some things you can do to help make your home look less empty or inactive.  In addition to locking your windows and doors, check your electronics.  Spring is a good time to go around your house and replace batteries and test to make sure that things are working.  A chirping smoke alarm may help you if you’re there to hear it, but one that does not stop after a while is an indication that nobody is around

Set timers on your lights.  It’s easier than ever to set up nowadays with the advanced tools we have, so set the lights around your home to go on and off in different rooms at different intervals. You can do it to mimic your nightly routine when you’re home to make your place look occupied.

Other things like having a neighbor pick up your mail or stopping it with the post office if you’ll be gone for a while, will also help with appearances.

Install a security system

Your best and safest bet to protect your home is a security system.  With all the new technology today, it’s easier than ever to customize a system that’s perfect for you and also looks as unobtrusive as possible. Basco Security can help you to make sure that your home or business is well-protected.  You can call us or contact us to see what we can do to help.