Top Security & Fire Alarm System Installation Company In South Shore, MA

Doted as one of the top security and fire alarm system companies in the South Shore area of Massachusetts’s, Basco Security, Inc. is proud to provide homes and businesses within the area with expert, top-of-the-line, security camera installations, fire alarm detectors, and monitors. At Basco our main and top goal is for our customers located all over to have the peace of mind that their property, home, business, and family are safe. We do so by employing and training the best of the best in terms of highly skilled and trained technicians. We use reliable, safe, and expert level technology that properly ensures the protection of our customers and their residences. “Let our family take care of yours.” If you are located in the South Shore area and are in search or a security system, fire alarm system or monitoring system installation please contact us today! We would be thrilled to help you make your property better and safer than ever before.



Camera System Installation Services In South Shore, MA

Whether you are looking to protect your home or business, a camera security system is an amazing asset to any property. Camera security systems are an extremely beneficial asset as they protect and deter your property from intruders, home invaders, and unwanted guests. In the worst case scenario they act as a tool to help you recover items that may have been taken in the event of an intrusion.  For these reasons, the expert team here at Basco Security Inc. is proud to install discrete, aesthetically looking high quality security cameras to properties all over the South Shore. We ensure you that with our installation of Mobotix, Arecont, Honeywell and Clinton Electronics, we will make sure your property looks and feels safer than ever before. If you are located within the South Shore of MA and are interested in protecting your property give us a call today we would be thrilled to assist you and find a camera that perfectly meets your properties needs and wants.

Fire Alarm System Installation Services In South Shore, MA

Do you want to give your home or property a next level of protection? If so there is no better fire alarm system installation servicing than the team at Basco Security! We are proud members of the National Burglar & Fire Alarm Association, meaning we are the best of the best in terms of installing all things fire alarm detection systems. Your safety is our top priority which is why we are determined to help you secure your property with one of our elite fire alarms. Our systems are installed and engineered perfectly to fit the look and wants of your property, giving your business, home, apartment, warehouse, etc. with protection like no other. Whether you are looking for a Honeywell, Fire Lite Alarms, Silent Knight Fire Systems or anything in between we would be happy to assist you. Give us a call today!



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Basco Security, Inc. is proud to provide homes and businesses across the South Shore of Massachusetts with security installations, ranging from camera and monitoring systems to intrusion alarms and smoke detectors. Our goal is for our customers to have the peace of mind that their home and family are safe. Our trained technicians used reliable and safe technology to ensure the safety and protection of our customers and their homes or business. Give us a call today at 781-294-4166 or fill out our online contact form; we look forward to hearing from you soon!