As summer begins to wind down, the time to think about kids going back to school is approaching. The daily routines for getting kids ready and out the door to school can be chaotic. It seems like as the kids get older, the more activities they have scheduled. Thankfully, there are various home technologies we can use to help tackle school schedules.

  • Getting out of bed can be tough, never mind trying to get a reluctant kid up. Make this process easier by using automation to open shades, turn on bedroom lights or turn on music. This will be a wakeup call they won’t be able to ignore!
  • We’ve all been there-you run out the door and stop to think if you remembered to shut off the iron or lock your front door. You don’t have time to run back to double check that everything is off or locked so what do you do? Smart home enabled electronics allow you to turn off certain appliances or lock your doors all from your smart phone.
  • When your kids arrive at home before you, there is plenty of time for their curious minds to roam around and get into things they necessarily shouldn’t. Access controls allows you to mark specific areas off limits. If someone tries to enter an off limit area, you’ll receive a notification.
  • Ensure your home isn’t becoming the place for everyone to hang out at after school with smart home technologies. You’ll receive alerts if your doors are being opened and closed an unusual number of time.
  • Make sure household chores and homework are being completed with real-time video.

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