Here at Basco Security we take pride in educating home and business owners on how to keep their home, business, clients, and families safe from intruders! Here are our industry expert top tips to keep you safe!

How Can I Keep My Home Safe While On Vacation?

If you are planning a vacation, Basco Security urges you to set aside some time to review your home’s security and to make improvements before you go away.

  • Walk around the perimeter of your home and objectively evaluate its
    vulnerability. Try to look at it the way an intruder or thief would. Here are some safety tips to consider:
  • Make sure all doors to the outside have working locks. All windows, garage and shed doors should have working locks as well.
  • Do yard work before you leave. If away for a long period of time make arrangements for someone to
    maintain the yard while you are away.
  • Make sure your house number is clearly visible from the street.
  • When away from home for an extended period of time, your neighbors and friends can be your best
    allies. Encourage them to report irregularities to the police. Ask them to check for any packages, mail
    or papers. Consider having the post office hold your mail and the news carrier stop delivery while you are away
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How Can I Protect My Home During A Remodel?

Many of us are choosing to put an addition on our home or to remodel. Once you have made this decision call Basco Security to discuss your plans and to find out how they will affect your security
system. Your contractor may or may not have to apply for a building permit. If permits are pulled your Fire
Alarm System including carbon monoxide detectors will have to be upgraded to present fire and building codes.

Once The Work Has Started:

  • Cover the smoke detectors while work is being done in that area and take the covers off at night. Your smoke detectors will not detect smoke in a timely fashion with the covers on.
  • Call the Central Station and let them know about the work being done so that they can put the system in test for that day in order to prevent false alarms. If you are having extensive remodeling and will not be living in the home during the construction you may want to consider giving the contractor authorization to arm and disarm your system and to be added to the call up list.
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Common Reminders For Those With A Monitored System

Your alarm system transmits all signals to the central station via your phone line. Important things you need to do before you change phone companies or disconnect your phone line:

  • Notify our office to find out if your alarm system is compatible with the service
    you are having installed.
  • When you schedule work to be done make sure that you inform them of the
    monitored alarm. With this information they will send a qualified technician.
  • If the service technician has any questions about the alarm phone line please
    contact our office for instructions prior to work being done.
  • You must run a test of your alarm system when the work is complete. DO NOT
    let the technician leave without knowing that the central station received the test
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