The Best Monitoring System Installation Services In The Greater Boston Area

The mission of Basco Security Incorporated is simply stated. “Let our family take care of yours.” This mission statement reigns true all the way from our camera system installations to our monitoring system installation services. Basco Security is proud to install monitoring systems to homes and businesses throughout Massachusetts’s including the Greater Boston, South Shore, and North Shore areas. With our monitoring installation services we guarantee not only the best possible installation but the best possible product. This is why Basco Security only installs HSMC monitoring systems. To learn more about our installations and partnership with HSMC, call Basco Security today!


HSMC Monitoring System Installation In Greater Boston


HSMC is a U.L. approved, contract Central Monitoring Station and has been in business for over thirty years. We are now one of New England’s oldest and one of its largest alarm monitoring facilities – with a broad-based regional clientele – and with a presence throughout the United States. For more information regarding Basco Security and HSMC Monitoring Systems contact us today!


Why Do I Need A Monitoring System For My Property?

Have you ever left your home or business un attended? Maybe its one hour, one minute or one day? Regardless, during this time that you leave your property unattended. This means external factors such as weather or an intruder can break in, dismantle or steal from your personal belongings. Why wait for this to happen? Instead have Basco and HSMC protect and monitor your home electronically every second of the day. This ensures you, that if you are ever in a time of critical need, you will get the appropriate help dispatched. No matter if you are at your premises or not, the security dispatchers are always there and can be ready to respond to your potential crisis immediately. With this service you will be protecting your family, your premises, your business and your possessions.



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If you are in search of the perfect home security, fire alarm, or home monitoring system, look no further! Basco Security, Inc. is a name you can trust to take care of you and your family! Our family-owned and operated company has been serving Massachusetts homes and businesses along the East Coast since 1960. We specialize in camera systems, fire alarm systems, intrusion alert systems, and alarm screens and would be happy to install one in your home or property today! In addition we offer: competitive pricing, no contracts, and personalized, custom installations. Give us a call today at 781-294-4166 or fill out our online contact form, we look forward to hearing from you soon!