Top DriveGuard Ultra Installations In Massachusettes

Doted as Massachusetts’s top intrusion alarm system installers, the expert team at Basco Security is proud to offer DriveGuard Ultra system installations to our arsenal! At Basco we understand how opportunity it is to protect your home, business, or property which is why we have been installing the best of the best across the state since our opening in 1960! We guarantee that when you choose Basco and DriveGuard Ultra, you will be safe, and secure, receiving a system that is not only easy to use and navigate but also one that protects you, your family, and your most valuable assets.

What Is DriveGuard Ultra?

DriveGuard Ultra is an intrusion alarm system that activates lights, audible devices, CCTV, RF, satellite and paging transmitters when used with our vehicle detection sensing device. DriveGuard Ultra is a stand-alone system that is useful when you want to trigger lights, sounders, and/or cameras when vehicles enter the driveway.  No longer do your family member have to return to a dark house or do you have to be surprised by visitors. As DriveGuard Ultra certified installers, contact Basco Security today to learn more about how you can install this revolutionary device today!

What Are The Top Features Of DriveGuard Ultra?

DriveGuard Ultra and Basco Security not only give you peace of mind of a safe, secured, and supportive property but they also have some amazing other benefits which include but are not limited to:

• Provides trigger and two relay outputs to announce the presence of any vehicle
• Sensor buried beside driveway
• Covers 12 foot wide driveway
• Dual timed output
• 15 amp floodlight circuit
•Five Year Warranty & so much more!


Protect Your Home With DriveGuard Ultra And Contact Basco Security Today!

If you are on the search for the ultimate perimeter security and intrusion alarm system solution that can sound alarms, activate cameras and/or turn on up 1,800 watts of lights when vehicles are detected in the driveway, there is no better team than the combination of Basco and DriveGuard Ultra. Basco Security, Inc. is a name you can trust to care for you and your family! Our family-owned and operated company has served Massachusetts homes and businesses along the East Coast since 1960. We specialize in intrusion alert systems, and alarm screens and would be happy to install one in your home or property today! Give us a call today at 781-294-4166 or fill out our online contact form; we look forward to hearing from you soon!