Top Alarm Screen Services In Massachusettes

Basco Security is thrilled to be able to provide the residents, businesses, and properties within the Massachusettes area with top alarm screen services. No matter what form of property you reside in, own, or rent you understand the overall importance of keeping your material’s, valuables, friends, and family safe. However, you also understand the want to do so all while keeping up with trends and aesthetics. This is where Basco Securities top alarm screen installation services come in. We offer top of the line security window screens that blend seamlessly into your property while offering unparalleled and fantastic security benefits.

What Are Alarm Screens?

Alarm Screens are mesh screens with interwoven detection wires and a reed switch tamper that not only keeps bugs out but also provides perimeter protection for your home or business. Security alarm screens are an attractive alternative to window bars. They provide you with ventilation and light at the same time giving you perimeter protection. The security alarm screens would activate an alarm if the mesh was cut or if an attempt was made to remove the screen when the perimeter alarm is on-before the intruder is even on the inside of your home or business.


Our Top Alarm Screen Installation Features:

Whether you currently have a Basco security system, have another brand, or are looking to install one, the best part that sets our installations apart from the others is that our larm screens can seamlessly integrate into your home’s security system. Many existing window screens can be refit with detection wires and contact switches, and screens are available in both standard sizes or custom made to ensure a proper fit. Security Alarm screens offer clear benefits – continued light, ventilation and curb appeal, with added security protection and peace of mind. More benefits include:

  1. Detects intruders before entering your home
  2. Accommodates all windows; can be installed with most existing frames
  3. Allows for unrestricted movement throughout the home without activation
  4. Alarm screens integrate easily with all alarm systems
  5. Does not restrict emergency exits
  6. Deters intruders’ attempts to bypass home’s alarm system


How Do I Clean My Alarm Screen?

Cleaning security alarm screens are not difficult; once the alarm system is deactivated, the screen is removed from the window and gently cleaned with warm soapy water – though should not be washed too vigorously, or with a hose, because of the electrical contacts and switches.

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With your choice in alarm screens, let Basco Security Inc. tailor the storage capabilities of your system to your exact needs and budget. We can range from the price conscious analog systems of Honeywell to the fully IP and customized world of Exacq Technologies. With Basco you will have the capabilities to record locally and be viewed remotely through your smartphone or a computer. To learn more contact us today at 781-294-4166!