Intrusion Alarm System Installation In Massachusettes

At Basco Security we are proud to offer complete intrusion alarm system design and installation services to those located throughout Massachusettes! We are a highly knowledgeable team that has been working with intrusion alarm systems since our opening in 1960! We guarantee with our team of trustworthy individuals you will receive a system that is not only easy to use and navigate but also one that protects you, your family, and your most valuable assets.

Areas To Place Intrusion Alarm Systems:

Here are just some of the features that a system installed by Basco Security offers:

Window and Door Sensors – From hardwired to wireless, we can protect any access point into your home.

Pet Immune Motion Detectors – They can be installed in major traffic areas, limiting the movement of would be thieves. With their advanced pet immune technology, pets can roam freely without setting off an alarm, but the bad guys can’t.

Water, Temperature, and Oil Level Alarms – If your family travels frequently, having a system that senses temperature and water is a simple and effective way to protect your home from damage and disaster.

Medical Alerts and Panic Buttons: You or your loved ones should never be in a situation where you are unable to get to a telephone for a medical or other emergency. Our medical emergency alert systems and panic alarms provide access to help 24 hours a day.

Alphanumeric Touch-pads – Text displays provide easy-to-read system status information.

One-Touch Arming – The system can be set by touching only one button.

Multiple User Codes – Caretakers, cleaning staff, and contractors can each be provided with their own code.

Partitioned Security – This will allow you to arm and disarm home offices, apartments, and detached garages without affecting the security of the rest of the home.


Discreet Home And Business Intrusion Alarm System Installation

When you first begin to think about intrusion alarm systems your initial concern may be the overall look of them. This includes the distasteful look of wires, holes in your walls, and overall massive inconvenience. However, with Basco Security we utilize our unique skillset to offer you custom installation and planning services. With out skillset we not only ensue you that your home is left in better condition than we found it.  But we also now use wireless connections to make our impeccable installation faster and get to those hard to reach places of concern, all while hiding any form of wires and look of a security camera!

Protect Your Home With An Intrusion Alarm And Contact Basco Security Today!

If you are searching for the perfect home or business intrusion alarm system, look no further! Basco Security, Inc. is a name you can trust to care for you and your family! Our family-owned and operated company has served Massachusetts homes and businesses along the East Coast since 1960. We specialize in camera systems, fire alarm systems, intrusion alert systems, and alarm screens and would be happy to install one in your home or property today! Give us a call today at 781-294-4166 or fill out our online contact form; we look forward to hearing from you soon!