Did you know that most burglaries actually occur through unforced entry? That means that most burglaries can be prevented by simply securing the entry points in their homes. While you can probably guess what those entry-points are, and what you need to do to secure them, this article is a friendly reminder and checklist to help you keep your home secure.


Making sure you lock your doors every time you leave, and even while you’re inside, is easier said than done. What if your hands are full or you are distracted by your young children? Consider installing smart locks for situations like these. You can check your home’s locks from your mobile device, and lock them remotely if you forgot to do so on your way out.

You can also install video motion sensors on your front door to monitor deliveries and keep packages secure. 


Check all of your window locks. It is very common for window locks, especially on older windows, to break or rust in the unlocked position. Then, keep your windows locked except when you intentionally have them open. Be sure to invest in quality window coverings. Not only do window coverings provide comfort and privacy, but they also keep your belongings out of the sight of burglars. 


Keep the garage locked and closed, as well as the entry door between your garage and home. Like doors, you can also install a remote access control unit to allow you to monitor and close the garage remotely from your mobile device. Some of these units even alert you to the status of your garage door, such as if it has been open too long or is open at a certain time (i.e. past 8PM). If you receive one of these alerts, and the garage status is not intentional, you can close it remotely. 

If you want to take your home’s security to the next level, consider a home security system. While they used to only be available to the wealthier population, home security systems are more affordable than ever. They can also include high-tech smart-home features like smart locks and smart lights. 

Home Security System Installation in Pembroke, MA

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