Secure thinking is important to keep in mind when it comes to your home and the habits you have. Basco Security, Inc. has a few tips for keeping your family and home more safe!

Secure Thinking and Your Home

Is there enough exterior lighting at your home? For your safety, there should be a minimum of motion detector lights at each entrance, pathway and driveway to make it visible for guests coming and going. Without motion detector lights, you’re providing an invitation for burglars to explore without being noticed.

Bushes or trees by windows and doors provides a hiding spot for burglars as they attempt to make their way into your home. Keep bushes and trees trimmed so that people driving by can see if there is a problem.

Secure Thinking and Your Habits

To make it look like someone is always at home, set timers for lights to go on and off and certain times during the evening. Refrain from doing it the same time every night. If someone is casing your home, they’ll notice this pattern and come to the conclusion that they’re timed lights.

Make it difficult to see inside your home by keeping your windows and blinds closed in the evening. If you have a garage, make sure that the door is windowless so people can’t tell if there is a car or not in it.

This may seem like an easy tip, but lock your doors and windows. You’d be surprised how many homeowners or family members forget and create the perfect opportunity for a burglar to enter the home. Instead of hiding a house key outside, leave it with a neighbor so you know no one else will stumble upon it.

The best way to use secure thinking for your home and habits is to have a security system installed and to actually use it! Even if you’re at home, you should be setting your alarm system. To receive a free estimate on installing a home security system, contact Basco Security Inc. today! We can be reached by filling out our online contact form or by calling 781-294-4166.