It’s the holiday season and for many, that means traveling away from home to be with family. Or maybe, it’s jetting off to someplace warm to escape the blistering New England cold. Either way, it probably feels like there are a million things to do before leaving the house. Between cooking, wrapping presents, packing and planning, home security can become an afterthought. Follow these tips to ensure that your home is protected while you are away.

Lock Up

It may seem obvious since you probably do it everyday, but don’t forget to lock all doors and windows when you leave for vacation. Be sure to lock your garage, too. Pull the curtains for added privacy, and make sure that all valuables are out of sight.

Remove Spare Keys

Do you hide a spare key under the doormat, or another not-so-hidden place? Remove the key from the doormat as they are easy for intruders to find, and instead give it to a family member or close friend.

Keep Some Lights On

Burglars will take note if the house is dark for consecutive days, making a break-in more likely. To avoid this, set a timer to turn some of your lights on each day that you are away, so that to the outside world it looks as if somebody is home.

Lay Low On Social Media

Although it’s tempting, try to avoid posting pictures of your vacation until you return home. Someone might catch wind of the fact that your house has been left unattended for several days and take advantage.

Temporarily Stop Your Mail

A pile of unopened newspapers in your driveway is a clear giveaway that no one is home. Contact the post office and let them know the days you’ll be away and have your mail resume once you return.

Home Security System

Give yourself peace of mind with a monitored security system. You can set up sensors for doors, windows and motion outside of your house to alert you of any suspicious activity. Depending on the system you choose, you may also be able to monitor your home 24/7 so you can keep an eye on your house while you’re out of town.

Home Security System Installation in Pembroke, Marshfield & Plymouth, MA

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