Your garage door tends to be a weak spot in your home’s design, as they can be easily manipulated and provide intruders with a layer of cover once inside– who’s going to question an open garage door? There are steps you can take to heighten security around your garage and keep the rest of your home safe, regardless of the time of day and whether or not you are home.

Keep a Radio On & Your Windows Concealed

The noise will make it seem like someone is right around the corner, deterring potential burglars looking to avoid detection. You should also apply frosted film to your windows to hide your activity on lower levels of your home, as well as any stored belongings that are visible.

Take Your Garage Remote With You

If your car is broken into and the thief takes your remote, they will have an easy way to access your home without needing to pick a lock or break a window. Take your garage remote with you when you exit the vehicle and keep it in a safe place for when it is time to leave again. If possible, program your garage to a keychain remote for constant access.

Lock the Entry Door Between The Garage & House

Installing an additional lock between your garage and the rest of your home provides you with another line of defense against would-be intruders. Make sure your door is made of sturdy materials that will not buckle easily when force is applied and that you only entrust the key to those you trust.

Install a Home Security System

Installing a security system will allow you to know instantaneously if something has occurred in your home. Cameras and sensors can ping messages right to your smartphone if strange activity occurs, allowing you to see what is going on and alert the authorities if necessary.

Home Security System & Intrusion Alarm Installation in Plymouth, Bridgewater & Rockland MA

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