Some of the simplest safety mechanisms are overlooked because they seem so obvious. Basco Security wants to give you all the information you need for maximum home security. Here are flaws in your home that you might not even be aware of!

Poor Exterior Lighting

Be sure to have strong lighting where you enter and exit your home. Be sure that your lights are not easily accessible as potential intruders might disable these to remain concealed around your home.


Most likely, a burglar is only going to come into your home is they know their is something of value. All those expensive electronics and jewelry should not be left out in plan site when you are not home or away from an extended period of time. Take the extra time to put things away!

Accessible Locks

If you locks can be accessed by breaking a window and reach thru then the proper steps should be taken to prevent this. Pay extra attention to windows located near door locks.

Unfenced Yards

A fence surrounding your property can be a simple way to scare off intruders.Fences can keep prying eyes from scouting for valuables, but even a three-foot-high chain link fence can present the needed psychological protection to keep burglars away

Hedges or Trees

Hedges and tress are great for improving your properties overall appearance but are a great place for criminals to stay concealed.If you had hedges or trees consider trimming, cutting, and pruning your landscaping to help keep your property more secure.

Second Floor Access Points

Some would think because it’s the second floor, hard to reach, etc it is going to be a criminals last option. Regardless if your home is multiple stories, make sure that windows have functioning locks, and be aware of anything that could aid someone from getting in. Even if the entrance is less convenient for a burglar, the profit is worth the extra effort.

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