A Reminder to customers with a monitored alarm system

Your alarm system transmits all signals to the central station via your phone line.
Important things you need to do before you change phone companies or disconnect your phone line:
  • Notify our office to find out if your alarm system is compatible with the service you are having installed.
  • When you schedule work to be done make sure that you inform them of the monitored alarm. With this information they will send a qualified technician.
  • If the service technician has any questions about the alarm phone line please contact our office for instructions prior to work being done.
  • You must run a test of your alarm system when the work is complete. DO NOT let the technician leave without knowing that the central station received the test signal.


We have experienced many situations where alarm signals are no longer being received by the central station either because service has changed, phone lines have been disconnected or there is trouble with the phone line. Don’t wait until there is an emergency before you find out the phone line is down.

Things to consider:

  • Call the central station on a regular basis and run a test to make sure they receive the signal.
  • Let us program a scheduled weekly test of your alarm system.
  • We will notify you if the weekly test signal is not received.
  • Install a cellular back-up system of the alarm system. An excellent choice if you have good to
  • excellent signal strength in your area.