Online shopping has changed the way people shop. Instead of having to plan in advance and make time to go to the store or the mall, you can order everything you need with the click of a button, right from the comfort of your couch. However, some people do not properly secure their sensitive data while shopping, which leaves them vulnerable to identity theft, cyber-attacks and burglaries. Basco Security has some tips for shopping online in a safe manner.

When you are shopping online, make sure you only purchase from trustworthy websites. Posing as an online retailer is a tactic used by some cyber attackers, and it is important to verify that you are using the site you are intending to use. If you receive a suspicious email from an online retailer, check the email address before clicking on any links. Attackers may use links and emails in order to gain access to your credit card information, social security number, mobile and desktop devices. If the email subject line looks suspicious, check the address before opening the message. Read the privacy and return policies before entering any personal information to make sure your information is safe and will not be sold, and check out customer reviews of the site’s practices and products. If anything is overly positive or too negative, proceed with caution. These may be fake reviews planted by employees or hackers. When it comes time to make the purchase, connect to a secured network before entering your information. Public networks allow your information to be exposed to interception. If you can’t shop through a retailer’s secure application, make sure the URL contains https:// before entering your information. This means that data is encrypted in the site and inaccessible to outside parties.

Consistently check your credit card statements for any irregularities or purchases you did not make. In case of any fraud activity, contact your bank right away to freeze the card and undo the activity. If the bank offers a feature to allow you of fraudulent activity right away, enable it. Do not store your data on your devices. Re-entering your information for each transaction will prevent anyone with access to your devices or accounts from using your credit cards for their personal use. Only provide necessary information to retailers. If you don’t need to provide your birthday, don’t do it. Any extra information may make it easier for someone to access your online accounts. Use strong passwords on your accounts.

When it comes time for delivery, use surveillance cameras to make sure your package arrives safely, on time and is not tampered with. You can monitor your front steps from anywhere using any web-enabled security device, from cameras to one- or two-way intercom systems. Basco Security will go over your home and needs to pick out the system that is best for you. Call us at 781-294-4166 or fill out our online form to schedule a free estimate!