Well, autumn is in full force with Halloween around the corner. The nights are getting cooler and it’s already getting darker a lot earlier than most of us would like.  Soon, the heat will go on and it will be time to think about winter.

Crime does not stop in winter

While warmer weather offers more incentive for criminals to be out there, winter offers some extra benefits for those looking to burglarize homes.  For one thing, it does get darker earlier and the dark provides more cover for burglars out on the prowl than the longer, brighter days of summer.  Early darkness also leads to home lights going on earlier – nice and cozy on the inside, but a good indicator to those on the outside whether or not somebody is home.  Additionally, the holidays usually mean there’s a lot more loot to go after in a home break-in as well as a good chance that people will be out celebrating or visiting friends or family.  Basco Security has put together some tips to help you make sure your home is secure while you are not there.

Call the professionals

In addition to the things you can do yourself to make your home secure, thanks to technology there are a lot of security options now available to the average homeowner.  Here are some of the things Basco Security Inc. can do to help you keep your home well-protected.

Security Camera Systems

Home security cameras are becoming much more commonplace these days.  Cameras are much smaller and more discrete looking than ever before.  Remote access through your phones or laptops makes managing and monitoring your systems even easier.

Intrusion Alarms

Basco can work with you to tailor the exact intrusion system you need for your home.  Whether it’s securing and arming entry and exit points or detecting motion in your home, we can set up the system you need.

Monitoring Services

For that extra level of security, we’re equipped to monitor your home alarm system through HSMC one of New England’s largest monitoring centers.

Fire protection too

In addition to those other security systems, Basco can also install fire and carbon monoxide alarms in your home adding an extra level of safety and security for your home.

Call Basco

If you’ve been thinking about adding any extra security to your home or business, we are happy to discuss your needs with you.  Contact us and we will work with you to build the system you need or provide an estimate for the work.