Between shopping, decorating, parties and trips out of town, keeping your home secure may not be at the forefront of your mind. However, following these tips will go a long way to keeping your home and family safe as you come and go this holiday season.

Keep gifts out of sight

You don’t want to just hide gifts from your family members. Putting wrapped presents under your tree or keeping gifts exposed in the trunk of your car can look inviting to a potential burglar. While the urge to keep your tree in front of a window is tempting, make sure to not put presents out until Christmas morning to prevent a break-in. Hide unwrapped gifts, particularly electronics, away from windows and out of view. Keep your windows and doors locked when not in use, even if you are in the home. If packages arrive during the day, don’t let them stack up. Bring them inside as soon as possible to prevent a theft.

Going away? Don’t broadcast your travel

The temptation to post photos of your out-of-town adventures as they happen may be great, but indicating that your house is currently empty and unattended can be a goldmine for an intruder. By posting when you leave, where you are and when you will return, you have given a potential thief a timeline to monitor your home, develop a plan and break in. Don’t let a robbery ruin the aftermath of a great trip! Post about your vacation after you return to keep your home safe. Keep your interior lights on a timer, pause your mail and newspaper delivery and let a trusted neighbor know you’ll be out of town and to watch for suspicious activity.

Keep an eye on your Christmas lights

House fires are more likely to occur in December than any other month. When hanging lights on your tree, porch or shrubs, examine the strings to check for frays and exposed wires. Broken lights and wires can easily overheat and lead to fires, especially if they are hung on dry, falling leaves and needles. Replace broken bulbs and frayed lights with new ones, and turn off your lights when you leave your home. Use an outdoor timer to switch porch lights on and off, and make sure you test your fire alarm to make sure it is in full working order.

Home Security Solutions in Pembroke, MA

If you are interested in installing a camera or intrusion alarm this holiday season or replacing your existing fire alarm, contact Basco Security! We will go to your home to assess your security needs, as well as providing a free estimate for installation. Our systems can be monitored remotely, allowing you ease of mind as you go away for the holidays. Basco Security can be reached by calling 781-294-4166 or by filling out our online contact form.