With the end of the year fast approaching, the time most people decorate their homes for the holidays is here. From spooky ghosts and fog machines to create a haunted yard for Halloween to lights and soft candles around Christmastime, there are many ways a fire can accidentally break out at your home and cause tremendous damage. October is National Fire Prevention Month, and following these tips will help you keep your home and family safe throughout the year.

Leave Space Around Heat Sources

With the days growing cooler and nighttime temperatures dropping into the 40s, you may be starting to turn on your heating systems. If you are looking to save on propane and delay turning on your system for the winter, you may have invested in a couple of space heaters for central rooms or bedrooms in your home. Space heaters can quickly make a frigid room nice and toasty but come with risks. Fabric or paper set too close to the space heater can quickly overheat and begin to smolder. Make sure there is a perimeter of at least three feet surrounding the space heater to make sure nothing can catch fire, as well as prevent injury in your children.

Install Fire Extinguishers

A fire extinguisher is handy to have in case a small, contained fire breaks out. Everyone inside the home should evacuate and move a safe distance away before the extinguisher is used in case the fire spreads or smoke begins to fill the space. A fire extinguisher should not be used if the view is obstructed by smoke.

Create Escape Plan

In addition to having at least two methods of exiting each room in your home in case of a fire, create a plan for your family to follow in case an emergency evacuation is necessary. Choose a location in your neighborhood as the designated meeting spot, close enough to get to quickly but far enough from your home to stay safe. Designate responsibilities to your family members during the evacuation, including older children watching younger children and grabbing a go-bag of vital documents and medications. Copies of these documents should be kept in a fireproof container near an entryway to your home, as well as virtually uploaded to the cloud.

Check Your Fire Alarms & Smoke Detectors

Do you remember the last time you checked your smoke detectors’ functionality? Having the system checked annually will be able to detect issues early on. Your entire fire alarm system should be completely replaced every ten years to keep your home protected, and batteries in smoke detectors should be changed every six months.

Fire Alarm Installation & Maintenance in Pembroke, Plymouth, Brockton & Marshfield, MA

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