A vacation home is a good way to escape from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life, from your job to running your kids around from school to sports practice and making sure everything is running on schedule. Since you spend less time in your getaway home, you can’t always keep a close eye on its security and make sure the building is safe from intruders and safety breaches. Nothing ruins a vacation like discovering a break-in, and it’s important to keep each home safe. Below are steps to take in order to keep your vacation home secure this spring and summer!

Find a better place for your spare key

You may think that hiding your spare key under your welcome mat, a fake rock on your porch or in your mailbox is a clever idea. However, chances are that these are the first places a potential intruder will look for easy, undetectable entry. Burglars do not want to draw attention to the fact that they are breaking in to your home, and having your key so readily available will make it easier to find. Instead of leaving the key outside, leave it with a trusted neighbor or invest in a key lock box, which is easily installed outside and conceals your key with a 5-digit code. You can pick the code and change it whenever you want to make it more difficult for people outside of your family to unlock.

Keep your doors and windows safe

Before you leave your vacation home, make sure every door and window is locked and you have measures in place to keep them secured. Install movable dowels along the tracks of sliding doors and windows to keep each from sliding enough for potential entry. This is especially important on the ground level and on any window or door near your deck. Make sure each door is locked before you leave for any period of time, and consider installing deadbolts on your doors for extra protection.

Install a Home Security System

The easiest way to keep an eye on your vacant vacation home is by installing a remotely monitored security system. Installing strategically placed cameras around your house and yard allow you to watch any activity going on around the property in real time. If suspicious movement occurs, you can have notifications sent to your mobile device, prompting you to check your cameras and alert the authorities. Visible cameras can also detract from intruders who can be spooked by the possibility of getting caught.

Home Security System Installation in Hingham, Pembroke & Cape Cod, MA

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