June is National Safety Month. While you’re getting ready for summer vacation or the next weekend getaway, take some time to double-check your home security so you know it will be safe in your absence.

Update your landscaping

Do you have hedges near your doors and windows? These can provide a burglar with a potential hiding spot to learn your patterns, discover where your spare key is, and figure out when you won’t be home. Trim back any unruly hedges so that windows and entryways are not blocked or obstructed. If you don’t have lighting on the outside of your house, consider adding spot or flood lights to reduce dark areas around your property, reducing places to hide. These can be ordered as motion detector lights to not waste electricity or bother close-by neighbors. At the end of each day you use your yard or your children play outside, make sure to bring all toys and tools inside to keep them secure and prevent a thief from using them to break a window.

Don’t broadcast when you are not home

It’s natural to be excited about upcoming trips and getaways, and it a good practice to let close friends and family know where you are going and for how long. However, posting that you are at the airport or that you’re far from home online can be used by potential thieves as a sign to check out your residence since it is empty and they may go undetected. Wait to post photos from your trip until you’ve returned and put holds on your newspapers and mail to eliminate the sign of an open house. Make sure your lights are on a timer, changing the times they go off each day to make it seem like your home is occupied.

Install a home security system

If something happens while you are away, you’ll be able to communicate with local law enforcement using remote monitoring. Upon a breach of the system, the alarm will sound, with your company calling to make sure you are safe and contacting the police if there is no answer. Make sure your cell phone is listed as a backup number in order for the company to contact you. Many alarm systems also come with smartphone apps, allowing you to monitor activity around your property from anywhere in the world.

Alarm System Installation & Monitoring in Pembroke, MA

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