For South Shore homeowners, keeping your front yard secure can be a challenge and often, difficult. This is because while it’s open to the public, it’s also a private area between the street and your home. At some points, you may want to just build a wall or line it with wire, but they may have a negative effect on your home’s curb appeal. The experts at Basco Security, Inc. have a few ways to improve your yard’s security, without ruining the area.

  1. Not only will a white picket fence improve your curb appeal, but it also gives the impression of boundaries. It says, “this is where my property starts and please respect the rules!” While a fence can be easy to climb, most intruders won’t want to be caught by neighbors climbing or jumping it.
  2. Creating a direct path from the street to the door tells guests not to wander. You can make this path with flowers, shrubs or even a mini fence. You could even plant thorny bushes like roses, which will really prevent guests from wandering into your yard.
  3. Once the sun goes down, lighting is the best warning. While you want it to be bright, you don’t want to have a huge spotlight. Keep a few important areas lit like your porch, front door or any possible hiding places.
  4. One of the best ways to improve your yard’s security is displaying your home security sign. While most of the system is going to be located inside, a sign from the security company is a big warning to would be intruders. When displaying your sign, be sure that it’s located in a spot that will be noticed by everyone.

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