How To Safely Use Your Fireplace This Fall


The weather gets chilly in the fall and winter, and there is nothing better than cozying up next to a warm fire with friends and family. The ambiance of the flames fills any room with a beautiful glow and warmth that makes anyone warm and fuzzy. However, with this stunning look and feel comes the danger that fire can pose when not maintained correctly and adequately. To ensure optimal safety this fall season, the industry experts at Basco Security have compiled our top tips to help you practice safe fireplace management.


Fall Fireplace Safety Tips:


Sweep Your Chimney:

Basco Security and The National Fire Protection Association recommend that any chimney, whether in your home or business, be swept once a year if not more. It is imperative to schedule this sweeping at the beginning of fall or winter. This service will help remove any soot and debris from the previous year.


Get A Fire Extinguisher Or Make Sure Yours Is Functioning

You must be constantly aware of where your fire extinguisher is located within your home in an emergency. Once you have found or purchased your fire extinguisher, ensure it is fully charged and in working condition.


Install A Fire Alarm System

Be safe rather than sorry this fall season, and protect your home or business with a fire alarm or detection alarm. When installed correctly, these alarm systems are a critical component to a safe and happy property. Are you located in Massachusetts? Contact Basco Security for all of your fire alarm installation needs! At Basco Security, our industry professionals have the tools, equipment, and knowledge needed to design and formulate a fire detection system perfect for protecting your property.


Open The Flute Of Your Fireplace

Before you start your fire, you will always want to open the flute, no matter what time of day. This should be the first thing you do in terms of building a fire, as it allows the smoke to release. Close the flute once your fire is put out to save on your home’s energy costs.


Remove Any Potentially Flammable Items

Removing any large or small objects from around your fireplace is extremely important. These items, especially holiday decor, make way as potentially flammable objects. If they get too close or happen to fall over, they could catch fire. These items include furniture, decor, newspapers, books, candles, etc.


Protect Your Home This Fall And Contact Basco Security Today!

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