With the summer and springtime vastly approaching us, it is important more than ever to keep your rental property safe and secure. With spring and summer being peak rental times, especially in beach and lake areas, it is crucial that you take precautionary measures to keep your personal investment safe and secure. Not only will it protect your property but it will also keep you and your renters safe and protected from all elements and external factors. That is why our team of security professionals here at Basco Security has come up with your top tips on how to keep your property safe and secure. By following these steps you will raise the level of your property, get positive reviews, increase renter satisfaction, and cut down on turnover.


Top 4 Tips To Keep Your Rental Property Safe:


Increase and Install Lighting

Installing motion-activated lights is a quick and easy way to increase security around your rental property. If you are contemplating adding more light to your rental property, take a walk through your property at night and look for areas that need extra light. This will ensure your home is well-lit throughout the night, keeping you and your renters happy.


Install A Security System

A security system is a fantastic first line of defense in terms of home security. Home security systems are so fantastic for all properties, but especially rentals. As you will be able to check in on your home periodically, ensuring your property and tenants are safe. It is proven that rental properties that are equipped with a security system are more likely to not be broken into compared to rentals that are not equipped. If you are located in Massachusetts and are looking for security system installation services for your home, look no further than Basco Security! Basco has fully trained technicians for camera installations and surveillance and would be happy to offer you discreet, stylish, and aesthetically pleasing high-quality cameras that are sure to make your rental property feel and look safe!


Install a Deadbolt

Renters are proven to feel safer and more secure if there is a deadbolt present on the front or back doors. This will help the renter feel more at peace knowing they have a strong line of defense.


Change the Locks Frequently

Changing the locks on the doors in a rental property is customary, especially if someone is moving in and out frequently. Keys can be easily remade and distributed, making your property a potential target. That is why it is important to make lock-changing a part of your turnover process. This will help you keep unwanted visitors out and renters in.


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