Smoke Detector Basco SecurityDo you know how often your smoke alarm need to be replaced? A national survey from the National Fire Protection Association says you probably do not. 90% of Americans don’t know how often they need to be replaced, and many don’t know that they ever require replacement. Your smoke alarm is often something that is just there, silently protecting you until the batteries need to be changed.

Your smoke alarm should be replaced every ten years. The lack of knowledge about their expiration dates leads to an increased risk of house fires because they are kept long after they are functional. Most house fire deaths occur in buildings with expired smoke detectors, or sometimes none at all.

You can determine the age of your home’s smoke alarm by looking on the back or on its side. The manufacturing date will be stamped on the detector. Replace your alarm based on the manufacturing date, not installation or purchase date. You should test your system every month, and batteries should be changed every six months. A good rule of thumb to follow is to change your batteries with Daylight Savings Time.

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