As you consider options for home security, you may be wondering what alarm monitoring is and how it works. Not all home security systems are equal. Some offer alarm monitoring, which is the communication between a residential security system and the security provider’s central station. For these types, your home security system control panel registers an emergency event and then sends a signal to the monitoring station. Depending on the type of emergency trigger, the authorities and notified and sent to your house. However, there are also local systems that do not do anything but alert you to a problem within your home. 

How does alarm monitoring work?

How exactly alarm monitoring works may vary by home security provider and which features are offered. Your system may include window or door sensors, motion detectors, and/or specialized temperature, flood and smoke detectors. 

Typically an alarm is trigger, and someone at your security provider’s station will call you to determine if the alarm was set falsely or if there really is a problem. If you do not respond, then emergency help is sent out to investigate. Again, depending on your system, there may be additional features like immediate alarms that don’t depend on a phone call or silent alarms that do not alert intruders. 

Do I need alarm monitoring?

Alarm monitoring helps ensure your home is protected even if you are not nearby. Many newer systems will even send alerts to your cell phone so you can know exactly what is going on at your home no matter where you are.

However, local alarms are not useless. They provide benefits because they do alert you if there is a problem while you are at home. The noise may also frighten any would-be intruders. However, if there is an emergency, it may not be something you can handle yourself or you could become incapacitated before you have the chance to call for help. In those instances, you would want police, fire, or medical service people at your home as quickly as possible. With an alarm monitoring system, this is a much faster process. 

Security System Installation & Alarm Monitoring in Pembroke & Marshfield, MA

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