Online shopping has become increasingly popular over the past few years as nearly every single item you could ever desire is available online. But, every time you order something online you can’t stay home indefinitely awaiting the eventual drop of the package on your front porch. This potentially leads to package theft, as people walking by your home or business can casually swipe your package right off your front doorstep. That is why our security industry experts have formulated our top tips on how to say goodbye to porch pirates and hello to your new online finds.

Top 4 Tips To Prevent Package Theft:


Sign Up For Package Delivery Alerts

Thankfully for us, avid online shoppers the United States Postal Service, United Postal Service, FedEx, Amazon, and other major online delivery companies offer text, email, or call notifications for package updates. This not only allows you to track those stunning new shoes you just bought but also informs you when the package will be delivered and the status of it. Which more importantly in turn gives you the opportunity to retrieve your package promptly, before someone has the chance to grab it.


Improve Your Home Security System

A monitored security system is a great first line of defense in terms of home security for not only you but your packages. It is proven that homes that are installed with a security system are less likely to be victims of porch pirates. If you are looking for security system installation services to protect your valuable packages, look no further! Basco Security has fully trained technicians for camera installations and surveillance. No matter what you need in video surveillance, we offer discreet, stylish, and aesthetically pleasing high-quality cameras that are sure to make your home feel and look safe


Provide The Carrier With Detailed Instructions

A feature that some delivery services allow for is the ability to instruct drivers on where to leave your package. This allows you to tell the driver to put the package in a more discreet location and out of the public eye.


Require A Signature

When ordering from a large carrier another feature is the ability to ask USPS, UPS, and FedEx to require a signature when delivering a package. This ensures that someone has to sign for the package whether you are home or not. If you are not home the carrier will return again the next day, making sure your package ends up in the correct hands.


What If My Package Is Already Been Stolen?

If you have a package stolen from your property it is critical that you act quickly and efficiently as soon as you notice. You must begin by reaching out to the retailer to ask if they are able to replace or refund the stolen purchase. You can also check with your local police to see if they can locate your package. Another option is to file a claim with your carrier or ask your credit card company if they offer any benefits towards package protection. If your package has been stolen please implement the above tips to ensure you are keeping your packages safe!


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