The holidays can be a stressful and hectic time for everyone. Between juggling family obligations and preparing to leave town, home security can become an afterthought. In the spirit of the season, homeowners tend to let their guard down. Unfortunately, this is when property crime rates are at their highest. Protecting your property, especially at the most vulnerable time of the year, will ensure you have a happy holiday season.

Have Packages Delivered  

With the rapid rise of the online marketplace, criminals have fast and easy access to high dollar items. In a perfect world, having expensive items sit on your doorstep shouldn’t be an issue. However, porch pirates have been known to steal packages immediately after they are delivered.

Pickup Service: Online marketplaces like Amazon give users the option of having packages delivered to lockers in convenient locations near their final destination.

Porch Lock Box: The convenience of having a package delivered to the home is possible. Consider investing in an outdoor drop box. Outdoor drop boxes come in all shapes and sizes and are designed to fit the look of any home.

Limit Social Media Posts

Social media can be a great place to share memories and connect with family and friends. However, family and friends are not always the only ones watching. Protecting and privatizing a social media profile does not always guarantee safety. Photos posted online have geospatial data, making it possible for anyone with a computer to know when and where the photo was posted. Keeping travel plans offline and posting pictures after you return home can aid in keeping your home safe.

Conduct a Home Inspection

One of the biggest threats to home security may not come from outside of the home. Fortunately, preventing the threats that come from within the home is simple.

Check the carbon monoxide alarm. Carbon monoxide is extremely dangerous and can be fatal for those exposed to high levels of it. Making sure your home has a functional carbon monoxide alarm provides peace of mind and keeps your family safe.

Inspect the smoke detector regularly. Inspecting the smoke detector will ensure that your family is safe in an emergency. Experts recommend that you change the batteries in smoke detectors every two years. Conducting a home inspection is a simple way to ensure the security of your family.

Invest in A Home Security System

The best way to ensure home safety is by investing in a home security system. There are a wide variety of options when it comes to home security systems, choosing the best system, with the best support network, is a factor that should play a large role in choosing the right system.

The benefit of having a security system with a strong support network is far underrated. Choosing to purchase the services of Basco Security is the smartest way to ensure your home security system will protect your home, wherever you may be.

Choosing Basco home security installation and maintenance in Pembroke, Marshfield, Plymouth, and Cape Cod will make a difference in how you experience home safety. Contact the experts at Basco Security today for all your home security needs by calling 781-294-4166 or by filling out our online contact form.