Spring is officially here! As you start to spend more time outside after a long, harsh winter, you may take the opportunity to reassess your home’s security. Your home is your safe space, and making sure it is protected at all times is important to your comfort. Follow these steps to improve your home’s security and provide your own peace of mind this spring!

Keep Your Doors & Windows Locked

Before leaving the house, make sure your doors and windows are locked—even if you are just going into the yard for a bit. Any unlocked entryway to an apparently empty home can be seen as an open invitation to a potential intruder.

In addition to locking the doors and windows to your home, you should make sure you lock entry points to your storage shed and cellar, especially if that is where you are storing ladders, gardening and snow removal tools. These can be used to access and break in through higher windows, even if your home is occupied. Install curtains on any windows your storage space may have to conceal the contents. Adding motion-sensor lights around your yard will alert you to the presence of any people or creatures in your yard after dark.

Make Your Home Look Occupied

With the warm weather on the horizon, you may take the opportunity to get out of town for a few weekend getaways or an extended vacation. While you are away, your home should still have the appearance that you’re home. Put strategically placed interior lights on timers when you would normally be walking around your home, and pause any deliveries you might have coming in. Your mail delivery can be paused and held at the post office until you return from your trip. You can also put a hold on newspaper and grocery deliveries. If you forget, ask a trusted neighbor to hold on to your packages. Your neighbor should have your travel details and a copy of your door key in case of an emergency and can look after your home for any signs of suspicious activity. Refrain from posting about your trip on social media until you have returned.

Install a Camera & Alarm System

For the most peace of mind, have a camera system installed in your home before you go. Modern systems can be monitored right from your phone and send notifications when there is unexpected movement. By clicking on the monitoring app, you will be able to see what is causing the motion and alert the proper authorities.

If you feel like your home security can use an overhaul, contact Basco Security today! We will assess your current security and provide an estimate of our recommended upgrades and point out vulnerable areas around your home.  To schedule an appointment with a Basco Security representative, call 781-294-4166 or fill out our online contact form.