What if I remodel my home?

In today’s economy many of us are choosing to put an addition on our home or to remodel. Once you have made this decision call Basco Security to discuss your plans and to find out how they will affect your security system.  Your contractor may or may not have to apply for a building permit. If permits are pulled your Fire Alarm System including carbon monoxide detectors will have to be up graded to present fire and building codes.


Always notify us when…

  • Putting on an addition
  • Replacing doors or window
  • Painting or plastering
  • Sanding floors
  • Installing or removing wallpaper or carpet
  • Installing attic flooring or basement ceiling
  • Hanging drywall
  • Installing intercoms
  • Installing siding, skylights or ceiling fans
  • Installing anything near the system control or keypads
  • Adding air conditioning or insulation

And once the work has started remember to…

  • Cover the smoke detectors while work is being done in that area and take the covers off at night. Your smoke detectors will not detect smoke in a timely fashion with the covers on.
  • Call the Central Station and let them know about the work being done so that they can put the system in test for that day in order to prevent false alarms. If you are having extensive remodeling and will not be living in the home during the construction you may want to consider giving the contractor authorization to arm and disarm your system and to be added to the call up list. Accidents do happen under the best of conditions. Alarm wires can be cut, nails driven through them or wires moved where we no longer have access to them. An informed homeowner can prevent costly mistakes. Periodically run a test of your alarm system to insure proper operations.

Contact Basco Security for your home security needs. Call 781-294-4166 for any questions regarding home security systems.