Holidays are a special time when family and friends gather to celebrate.  Unfortunately burglars view the holiday seasons differently than us.  They see an opportunity for new gifts, small electronics, cash and jewelry.  Burglars are looking for easy access and a quick escape route.

Some tips and tricks to deter potential burglary include:

  • Display your Christmas tree away from front windows that are easily seen from the street.
  • Do not run an extension cord through a window or door, this leaves them not locked.
  • Hire an electrician to install an outlet outside.
  • Don’t pile up empty gift boxes from your new tv, electronics, etc for the garbage.  The burglar now knows the expensive gifts are inside.  Break down the boxes.

Lastly, always arm your house when you aren’t there and arm it in stay mode in the evening when you are home.

Contact Basco Security at 781-294-4166 or your monitoring company when you will be away.  This will send the authorities right away with no delay if the alarm goes off.