Happy Halloween! Stay safe this year by following these tips from Basco Security!

Keep your home safe for trick or treaters! Young children may be afraid of your pets or decorations. If you have a lot of Halloween decorations on your lawn or in your walkway, make sure they are harmless to anyone walking towards your home. Instead of using sharp, plastic pitchforks, shovels or swords, use rubber alternatives that will shift instead of poking anyone that may be at the same height as your decorations. Use battery-operated candles or string lights to light a pathway to your front door, and keep your walkway clear of debris that can cause people to trip. Keep your pets safely in a basement or bedroom until trick-or-treating is done in case of frightened or allergic visitors.

Avoid using fire when possible. Whether lighting a pathway to your door or mood lighting for a party, using lit candles poses a fire risk. Someone could trip and accidentally start a lawn fire, or someone in a bulky or unwieldy costume could knock over a candle without noticing. Use battery-operated candles or tea lights, and make sure everyone in your home know proper fire safety protocol. Keep paper or plastic decorations away from any open flame.

If you are not going to be home on Halloween, make sure your home is secure. Do not keep a bowl of candy outside because a troublemaker could damage or contaminate it. Lock your doors and windows, and keep strategic lights on a timer. Keep your security alarm set while you are out of your home. It’s better to have children disappointed by the lack of candy than to have a home be welcoming to intruders.

If you are interested in a fire or security alarm, contact Basco Security! We will provide a free, no-commitment quote to help you secure your home. We can be reached at 781-294-4166 or by filling out our online contact form. Have a happy and safe Halloween!