As an employer, you need to be concerned about fire safety, prevention and a plan in the event of an emergency. Not only can fire cause harm or death, but it can also affect the jobs of your employees. Preparing for a fire can affect your business more than you think. Statistics say that less than half of businesses will not reopen after a serious fire has occurred. If your business has an in depth prevention plan, you will be better off than those without a plan. Below, you’ll find some fire prevention tips to keep your employees safe:

  • Have a professional install a monitored fire alarm system at your business. A professional will be able to assess your workplace and recommend the best fire system.
  • Depending on where your business is located, research the fire codes and any requirements for your business. This important if you ever have to file a claim through your insurance.
  • Once a system is installed, have your employees report any electrical conflicts. Once reported, address them to the professional that installed the system.
  • Make sure your employees are using safe electrical practices and don’t overload any outlets.
  • Try to avoid using extension cords.
  • Install and train your employees on the proper use for fire extinguishers.
  • Store all chemicals properly and in a safe spot.

Knowing how to prevent fires in the workplace will go a long way for not only yourself, but your employees as well. If you are interested in installing a fire alarm system, contact Basco Security, Inc. at 781-294-4166.