October is Fire Prevention Month. Over 25,000 Americans are injured or killed in fire related accidents each year, with over $7 billion in property damage claimed. Basco Security has some safety tips to keep your loved ones safe.

Make sure you keep anything flammable a safe distance away from heat. This includes space heaters, candles and light bulbs. These items should be kept at least three feet away from curtains or wall hangings that can overheat and burst into flame. Posters should not cover the entirety of your wall because it can increase the speed of a spreading fire. Now that there is a device for everything with separate chargers, make sure you do not overexert your surge protectors and outlets. Unplug any chargers or appliances you are not currently using, and make sure everything that is plugged in is fully plugged in. A loose plug can overheat and start to spark. When using a space heater, keep it away from children, who can get burned if they touch the unit, and have it inspected to ensure it is safe for indoor use. If your home has a fireplace or wood burning stove, make sure you use a fire screen to contain the flames.

You should be checking your smoke detector batteries every six months and testing the unit once per month. In case of an actual fire, make sure you have a plan. Designate a specific meeting place with your family, and make sure everyone knows each way out of your home. When escaping a smoky room, stay low to the ground and check each door with the back of your hand for excess heat.

If you are looking to replace or service your fire alarm, contact Basco Security. We offer swap-out selections from the top alarm manufacturers in the country, and we offer installation, service and repairs. A representative from Basco Security will even come to your home to provide you with a free quote on a new or replacement system installation. Call Basco Security today at 781-294-4166, or fill out our online form.