When it comes to your home and family’s safety, have you ever wondered if there is a fire and carbon monoxide protection solution? Thanks to System Sensor’s Cosmo 4W/2W Combination system, there is! The Cosmo 4W/2W system is an easy solution to combine your home’s fire alarm protection system and carbon monoxide alert system. It is a convenient all-in-one detector unit that utilizes a special CosMOD Unit that is installed in the same location as your existing or new Alarm Panel to operate. They look just like a normal smoke detector, but now feature a carbon monoxide detection system inside. It will be monitored by the Central Station just like a regular fire alarm or burglary system, and will alert you on your home’s touchpad. If you are tired of buying store bought, cheaply made, plug-in Carbon Monoxide detectors from your local hardware or big box store, or if you’re tired of changing batteries and the beeping associated with low battery alarms, this might be the all in one solution you’ve been looking for! We all know the low battery chirp always happens at 3 in the morning, and wakes up the whole house. Put an end to it and never worry again! We recently finished up a Fire Alarm installation at a local residence and we utilized the Cosmo 4W/2W Combination system. Check out the photos of the finished products installed in the field.

Cosmo1 Cosmo2 COSMO4W COSMOD