With cooler weather coming up this fall and winter, you may find that you’re running the heater or a fire a bit more often. If this is the case, you’ll need to make sure that your house is fire-safe and that you’re taking extra precautions to protect your family and property. 

Fire Safety Equipment

Autumn is an excellent time to make sure that your home is ready to protect you against any fire emergencies. Make sure that you have plenty of smoke alarms, ideally one for each room or major area of your house. You should also ensure that you have several fire extinguishers in the house, particularly in the kitchen, garage, and bathroom, since these are areas of the home where fires are most prevalent. Carbon monoxide detectors are also a great item to have in your household to warn you of any potential issues. 

Change the Batteries

Each room in the house should have a smoke detector installed. However, just because it’s there doesn’t make it foolproof; you also need to make sure it’s working. Fall is a great time to remember to change those batteries. Remember: you don’t have to wait until the alarms start beeping their low-battery warning to change the batteries! 

Heating Safety

To prevent fires, make sure that your chosen heating systems are working and in good condition in the fall before the temperatures drop. If you use a central heating system, have it inspected and serviced by professionals each year. If you use a gas heater, it should also be inspected for any potential issues. 

Space heaters are a good way to save money on heating, but you’ll need to take extra precautions when using them. For example, you’ll need to ensure that they have at least three feet of unoccupied space around them. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure they are turned off before you leave the house.

 If you rely on a fireplace for heating, or even just a cozy night at home, make sure that your chimney is clean and safe, and repair any cracks that may present in the fireplace itself. Using a fireplace screen can prevent sparks and debris from catching fire outside of the fireplace. Again, you’ll want to make sure to keep the immediate area free and clear of any combustible materials. 

Fire Alarm System Inspection & Installation in Pembroke, Plymouth & Marshfield, MA

Making sure your home is safe against fires this winter is incredibly important, so don’t wait to get everything ready for those cold winter nights. Start now in the fall by contacting Basco Security in South Shore, MA for installation or replacement of fire alarms and other fire-safety needs in your home. Basco Security can be reached by calling 781-294-4166 or filling out our online contact form.