House on a lakeAs summer fades away, it’s important to start thinking about securing your summer residence. You wouldn’t leave your main home unsecured when you leave, and it’s important to take similar precautions with your summer home.

Before you leave your summer home, make sure your doors and windows are securely locked, particularly ground level entry points. Add pins or nails to window frames to prevent them from being opened by more than a few inches from either side, and a deadbolt or chain to any exterior doors. Leaving a spare key under a mat, plant or fake rock might be tempting for out-of-season visits, but it’s an open invitation for intruders to freely enter your home. If you don’t want to have the key on your own, it’s a better idea to leave one with a trusted neighbor or a nearby friend. If you don’t know your neighbors, it’s a good idea to get to know them. Your neighbors will be able to tell if there is any strange activity around your home, and may be able to help prevent a break-in. Set your interior and exterior lights on timers and make sure your lawn and shrubbery are maintained to keep the appearance of someone living there full time.

The easiest way to monitor your summer home’s security from afar is by installing a camera system. Most systems have phone applications that allow you to monitor the feeds right from your home or computer, and will send notifications the instant something out of the ordinary appears in the feed. Outdoor security cameras can also be a deterrent for potential burglars, who may be spooked when they think they may be on a video feed.

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