No one ever wants to feel unsafe, uneasy, or scared on their property, as your home is a place where you should feel comfortable, safe, protected, and at ease. Essentially your home is a sanctuary and should be treated as such by you and others. While this is always the hope, unfortunately, home break-ins and burglaries occur, even when you are least expecting it. Whether it’s a stranger, a house cleaner, or someone you know, thousands of people are victims of home invasions every single year. These break-ins cost homeowners thousands and even millions of dollars. That is why the expert team here at Basco Security has come up with our top tips on how you can take critical steps to deter home intruders and protect your valuables.


Top 4 Ways To Keep Your Valuable Safe:


Buy And Install A Lock Box

Any home or property owner can soak in the benefits of a safe or lockbox. These pieces of safety equipment protect even the most valuable of items such as jewelry, identification items, and so much more! They come in all shapes, sizes, price points and more, that way you are sure to find one that properly suits you and your needs. Burglars and home intruders do not have the time or effort to break in into a safe at the time of a break-in. As a result, a safe or lock box can deter burglars from accessing your valuables.


Get A Hidden Storage Unit

Purchasing a hidden storage unit is a great way to keep your valuables out of your sight and the home intruder as well. These hidden units include a fake dresser bottom, a secret spot in a closet, or anything in between. Choose a spot that is not too obvious such as a common hiding place like a closet or under the bed. Get creative to give yourself peace of mind.


Invest In A Security System

Homes and businesses that are equipped with security systems are proven to be beneficial in preventing break-ins. High-quality security systems are being installed more and more in residential properties every day, these systems are protecting thousands of people’s valuables and properties from unwanted guests. If you are looking for security system installation services in the Massachusetts area, look no further! Basco Security has fully trained technicians for camera installations and surveillance. No matter what you need in video surveillance, we offer discreet, stylish, and aesthetically pleasing high-quality cameras that are sure to protect you and your valuables.


Get Insurance

Unfortunately, no matter how many precautions and security measures you may take, your valuables are always vulnerable to being lost, damaged, or stolen. To have the most peace of mind, invest in a good insurance policy that is sure to cover your belongings in case of an emergency.


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